In Situ Bioremediation

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A Systematic Approach to In Situ Bioremediation in Groundwater (ISB-8) is the culmination of separate ITRC teams on biodenitrification, carbon tetrachloride, and perchlorate coming together as the In Situ Bioremediation Team to produce, in August 2002, a technical/regulatory guidance document that helps site decision makers systematically examine site parameters and criteria for the effective characterization, testing, design, and monitoring of ISB technologies.

The document includes a decision tree that defines parameters and criteria for the feasible and effective implementation of in situ bioremediation in general and also includes separate detailed modules for using ISB to treat nitrate, carbon tetrachloride, and perchlorate contamination. The guidance presents a cogent argument that this systematic approach can be applied to any specific contaminant or site for enhancing decisions about using ISB. ISB-8 is the latest in a long line of ITRC products related to ISB, including associated classroom and Internet-based training courses.

The ISB Team brought 2002 to a successful close with the delivery of three Internet courses based on its ISB-8 document. In 2003, ISB Team Leader Bart Faris will work to ensure that the document is widely used. He will represent the document and ITRC at conferences and workshops, guide ITRCís points of contact network in presenting the document to state environmental agencies, and track and monitor how successful use of the document leads to more ISB deployments. By serving as a deployment facilitator, trainer, and collector of success stories, Bart Faris will exemplify the final component of the ITRC processógetting ITRC products off the shelf and into the hands of consumers, validating ITRCís value.