Groundwater Statistics and Monitoring Compliance

Team Leader
Ning-Wu Chang

The ITRC Groundwater Statistics and Monitoring Compliance team was formed in 2011. The team intends to develop a technical and regulatory guidance document (tech reg) for the application of groundwater statistics at all types of sites. In addition the team will develop an Internet-based training course based on the tech-reg document. The tech reg will help the practioners to understand the statistical techniques and related monitoring, evaluation, optimization and measurement methods. The guidance will be organized around the project life cycle phases: site characterization, remediation, monitoring and closure. The team has identified a need for the tech reg to provide information for practioners who have technical and project management experience, but who may not have specific expertise in statistics. There are many good sources of information about statistics, including EPA's Unified Guidance, and a wide variety of tools and software packages for implementing statistical calculations. However, there are challenges that practioners face when confronted with reviewing or implementing statistics. The goal of the tech reg will be to bring clarity to the planning, implementation, and communication of groundwater statistical methods and results and provide information about available tools and software in a format that is useful for practioners. The technical and regulatory guidance document and associated internet-based training course should lead to greater confidence and transparency in the use of groundwater statistics for site management.