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ITRC takes pride in the value of its activities, documents, and training courses in advancing the appropriate application and regulation of innovative environmental technologies. In a field where many technical issues and stakeholders are frequently involved, it is difficult to document the part ITRC played in building acceptance of a better solution or to quantify improvements in protectiveness and efficiency. However, we do collect evidence of the steady, incremental benefits of ITRC’s many members, teams, documents, and training courses.

The following examples show how states take ownership of ITRC products by participating in the development, reviewing and accepting, and using the final ITRC documents and training courses. The high number of states taking ownership of ITRC products indicates that ITRC effectively educates states about innovative environmental technologies across the nation. The categories in the examples represent:

  • Attendance at Training – The number of states that have participated in ITRC training course for the particular project area.
  • State Environmental Priority- The number of states that reported the environmental issue as a priority in its state.
  • Survey Input – The number of states that provide input during the developmental stages of the ITRC guidance document(s) or training courses(s).
  • Training Dry Run Participation – The number of states that participated and provided feedback to the training course(s) before it was finalized for public delivery.
  • Use and/or Success Reported – The number of states that reported the use or success of the ITRC guidance document(s) in its state.
  • Document Review – The number of states that reviewed and provided input during the development of the document(s).  
  • Author of Document – The number of states that were lead authors of the ITRC guidance document(s).
  • Concurrence Letter – The number of states that provide concurrence, the formal documentation of review, acceptance, and willingness to use the ITRC guidance documents
State Ownership: Building, Accepting and Using
ITRC Products

ITRC Vapor Intrusion Guidance
Please click here for detailed information regarding the role of the states in the development, acceptance, and use of ITRC’s Vapor Intrusion products.

ITRC Passive Diffusion Sampler Guidance
Please click here for detailed information regarding the role of the states in the development, acceptance, and use of ITRC’s Passive Diffusion Sampler products.

The table below contains links to examples of how ITRC products were used across the nation. The success stories are organized generally by topic, and represent the wide variety of uses of ITRC products.

ITRC Success Stories
Innovative Processes and Technologies at Work
East Multnomah County, Oregon Cleanup Project – Passive Diffusion Samplers
Hanford Federal Facility, Washington – Use of Multiple ITRC Guidance Products
Exeter, New Hampshire – Small Arms Firing Range
Monitored Natural and Enhanced Attenuation or Cleanup of Chlorinated Solvents (p. 1)
Guidance Council: ITRC Offers Free Environmental Tools to Empower Regulators (p. 31)
POCs Highlight the Benefits of States’ Participation in ITRC (p. 6)
ISCO Success: Sharply Declining Learning Curve in Vermont (p. 3)
DOE Embraces Remediation Process Optimization (p. 11)
ITRC Documents Getting Things Moving in Nevada (p. 10)
Success Continues in Chattanooga (p. 5)
ITRC’s Training Reaches Over 25,000 Participants (p. 8)
Small Arms Team Scores Success in Seattle District (p. 7)
Hats Off to the Diffusion Sampler Team (p. 6)
Successful Use of Passive/Diffusion Samplers in New Jersey Facility
ITRC, DOD and the EPA—Partnering in New Jersey
Small Arms Guidance Beneficial to Arizona Closures
ITRC Successes on DOD Sites
Potpourri (August 2004)
Potpourri (May 2004)
Potpourri (April 2004)
State Highlights
New Mexico
Bringing Success to the States
EPA Regional Summaries
EPA Region I
EPA Region IV
EPA Region V
EPA Region VII
EPA Region X