ITRC Industry Recognition Award
Each ITRC Team recognizes industry members for their outstanding contributions to ITRC. The selected industry members were given an ITRC Industry Recognition Award at the Fall Meeting in October 2011. The award consists of a certificate and a 25% discount on Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) membership fees for 2012.

   2011 ITRC Industry Recognition Award Winners

Elizabeth Hawley
Green & Sustainable Remediation
ENVIRON International Corporation
Sarah Libeau
Groundwater Statistics and Monitoring Compliance
Cannon Silver
PRB: Technology Update
Philip Goodrum
Incremental Sampling Methodology
David Tsao
Geo-Cleanse International, Inc.
Dan Bryant
Integrated DNAPL Site Strategy
Camp, Dresser & McKee (CDM)
Nicholas Anton
Biochemical Reactors for Mining-Influenced Water
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
Rajesh Singh
Camp, Dresser & McKee (CDM)
Eric Blischke
Contaminated Sediments - Remediation
Microseeps, Inc.
Pat McLoughlin
Environmental Molecular Diagnostics