Industry Affiliates Program

Ryan Wymore, Industry Representative
CDM (Camp, Dresser, & McKee, Inc.)
555 17th St Suite 1100
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-383-2300
Anna Willett, ITRC Director
Phone: 202-266-4933
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IAP Overview
The Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC) welcomes companies and trade associations to its Industry Affiliates Program (IAP). IAP provides three important elements to the environmental site owner, consultant or technology developer:

  • information exchange on the development and deployment of innovative environmental technologies
  • access to a large audience of state regulators, federal agency representatives, leading environmental companies, members of academia and public stakeholders
  • participation in ITRC technical teams that produce technical regulatory guidance documents and training

Joining IAP allows your organization to:

  • advance understanding of innovative environmental technologies and approaches
  • anticipate important technical or regulatory developments
  • improve decision making when innovative environmental technologies are used
  • obtain regulatory consensus on appropriate innovative environmental technologies
  • network with people from all aspects of the environmental community
  • gain exposure in the environmental industry by authoring guidance documents and conducting training

All IAP members:

  • receive public acknowledgement of their organization’s support in ITRC literature and on the ITRC Web site
  • are provided with substantial discounts on ITRC meeting registration fees, classroom training sessions, and exhibit space at ITRC meetings
  • are eligible for an ITRC Team recognition award based on exemplary service during the year (award provides a discount on IAP membership for the following year)
  • have a direct line of communication with ITRC’s Board of Advisors through the Board of Advisors Industry Representative
  • have a mechanism to, as a group, review and comment on ITRC documents, training, and team proposals

Success Stories from Current ITRC Industry Members
Dr. Mark Bruce, TestAmerica views IAP membership as an excellent way to help shape the processes and procedures that will be used in future site characterizations. “IAP participation provides us the opportunity to co-develop next-generation analytical procedures with our clients and regulators that will review site characterization data. That not only keeps us on the leading edge, but ensures our efforts are going in the right direction.”

Elizabeth Hawley, ARCADIS says “working as part of an ITRC team allows me to pool information and experience with others to collectively advance the state of knowledge on emerging issues. I’m continually impressed with the group's ability to move forward and formulate useful guidance despite uncertainty in the regulatory environment.”

Steve Geiger, AECOM finds that “ITRC provides a much-needed forum for industry and regulators to share and update information critical to cost-effective characterization and remediation of contaminated sites. The benefit to site owners, regulators, and stakeholders is a trustworthy compilation of information from diverse sources that has been vetted by the regulatory community.”

Dr. Paul B. Hatzinger, Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc., and his colleagues share their knowledge and expertise with environmental professionals across the country by developing guidance documents and conducting training. ”ITRC represents a unique opportunity to collaborate with academicians, regulators, public interest groups, and federal employees to develop information resources on a wide range of topics, including environmental contaminants, characterization methods, pollution prevention approaches, and treatment techniques.”

Dr. David Tsao, BP America, Inc. says ”working side-by-side with regulators to develop ITRC technical and regulatory guidance documents and training materials, and then to share that material with a regulator for one of my sites is an invaluable, time-saving step toward a solution that we can both feel confident in accepting.”

Nick DeRose, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, considers the Industry Affiliates Program a great investment for his company. ”Our professional staff have enhanced their expertise through productive associations with ITRC technical teams, working with practice leaders from across the United States and internationally. In cooperation with ITRC, Langan has presented high-quality innovative environmental technology seminars which have reached a national audience, and we look forward to continuing our strong partnership with ITRC."

Click here for an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of the IAP brochure.

IAP Membership Details

  • Join IAP as a Gold or Standard Member by going to the IAP Application Form
  • Membership in IAP is per company. All member company employees are welcome to participate in ITRC and IAP
  • Membership runs on a calendar year

Benefits of Membership
Gold Member: Large logo/acknowledgement on ITRC handouts, Web site, and booth; free booth space at ITRC meetings; 25% discount on classroom training; and free registration for all employees at select ITRC meetings where a registration fee is required.

Standard Member: Smaller logo/acknowledgement on ITRC handouts and Web site; 50% discounted booth space at ITRC meetings; 15% discount on classroom training; and discounted registration for all employees at select ITRC meetings where a registration fee is required.