Enhanced In Situ Biodenitrification Documents

The Enhanced In Situ Biodenitrification (EISBD) guidance document addresses nitrate-contaminated groundwater, associated with environmental and health problems, and an emerging technology for remediating and protecting public and domestic supply wells.

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Emerging Technologies for Enhanced In Situ Biodenitrification (EISBD) of Nitrate-Contaminated Ground Water Description of nitrate in the environment, sources of nitrate, environmental and health effects of nitrate, current nitrate remediation practices, and the emerging technology of EISBD. No hard copies are available

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See the EPA's clarification on RCRA Section 3020 in US EPA's memo Applicability of RCRA Section 3020 to In-Situ Treatment of Ground Water and cover letter (Dec. 27, 2000, Elizabeth A. Cotsworth, Director, Office of Solid Waste) and the December 1999 Letter from Matthew Hale, Deputy Director, Office of Solid Waste.