Sampling, Characterization, and Monitoring Documents

Sampling, Characterization, and Monitoring guidance documents address the Triad Approach to conducting environmental remediation projects and the use of direct-push technology for long-term environmental groundwater monitoring.

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Doc. # Title Description  

Summary Info

Triad Implementation Guide Complements SCM-1 by providing guidance for environmental organizations that want to implement the EPA Triad process into their business practices. No hard copies are available

Summary Info

The Use of Direct-push Well Technology for Long-term Environmental Monitoring in Groundwater Investigations Provides guidance concerning the use of Direct Push wells for long-term environmental groundwater monitoring. No hard copies are available

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Technical and Regulatory Guidance for the Triad Approach: A New Paradigm for Environmental Project Management Introduces the Triad approach to conducting environmental work, which increases effectiveness and quality and reduces project costs. No hard copies are available

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