Perchlorate Documents

Perchlorate guidance documents address water and soil contamination by perchlorate and the selection and implementation of remedial technologies.

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Perchlorate Team Documents and Training PDFs of PERC-1 and PERC-2, as well as audio slideshows of two training courses: Perchlorate Remediation Technologies and Perchlorate: Overview of Issues, Status, and Remedial Options Request a CD

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Remediation Technologies for Perchlorate Contamination in Water and Soil NOTE: 6.4 MB Reviews technologies for remediating perchlorate contamination in water and soil, as well as barriers to their deployment, providing guidance to help streamline processes for selecting and implementing them No hard copies are available

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Perchlorate: Overview of Issues, Status, and Remedial Options Discussion of sources, contamination, analytical methodologies, toxicological issues and research, remediation technologies and regulatory status of perchlorate. No hard copies are available