Unexploded Ordnance Documents

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) guidance documents address innovative UXO characterization and geophysical prove-out technologies, as well as methods and management of munitions response projects.

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Doc. # Title Description  

Unexploded Ordnance Team Documents A CD containing UXO-1 through UXO-6. Request a CD

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wide-Area Assessment for Munitions Response Projects Provides information about the wide-area assessment (WAA) process and the tools currently available to conduct WAA within a munitions response area. No hard copies are available

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Quality Considerations for Munitions Response Projects Provides guidance to environmental regulators on how to define quality, systematically plan for and achieve quality results, and apply these concepts to processes common to munitions response projects. No hard copies are available

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Survey of Munitions Response Technologies with ESTCP and SERDP NOTE: 4.7 MB This valuable resource for project managers and personnel working on munitions response sites provides an overview of the current status of technologies used for munitions response actions and, where possible, evaluates and quantifies their performance capabilities. No hard copies are available

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Geophysical Prove-Outs for Munitions Response Projects Provides information on GPOs and the broader topics of geophysical surveys, equipment, and methodologies currently used in munitions response actions. No hard copies are available

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Technical/Regulatory Guideline for Munitions Response Historical Records Review A guide for regulators, stakeholders, and others involved in oversight of historical records review projects on munitions response sites. No hard copies are available

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Breaking Barriers to the Use of Innovative Technologies: State Regulatory Role in Unexploded Ordnance Detection and Characterization Technology Selection An analysis of case studies that supports early and meaningful state regulatory involvement in the selection of innovative unexploded ordnance characterization technologies. No hard copies are available