Diffusion/Passive Samplers Documents

Diffusion/Passive Samplers guidance documents address the use of polyethylene diffusion bags for passive groundwater sampling, particularly for long-term monitoring.

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Protocol for Use of Five Passive Samplers to Sample for a Variety of Contaminants in Groundwater Provides guidance on how to properly deploy and collect samples using five passive sampling technologies. For CD, order DSP-ALL below. No hard copies are available

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ALL DSP Documents on a CD. CD includes DSP-1, -3, -4, and -5. No hard copies are available

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Technology Overview of Passive Sampler Technologies Overview of 12 passive sampling technologies and describes each technologyís basis of operation, intended applications, advantages, limitations, and development status. CD contains DSP-1 and -3. No hard copies are available

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Diffusion Sampler Resource CD, Version 3.0 (Some of this material is also available on the teamís Resources and Links page. Contains DSP-3, nearly 80 articles and presentations on various diffusion samplers, a two-hour training video, and an AFCEE/Parsons field sampling video. No hard copies are available

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Technical and Regulatory Guidance for Using Polyethylene Diffusion Bag Samplers to Monitor Volatile Organic Compounds in Groundwater A guide for regulators, technology users, and stakeholders to facilitate the use of polyethylene diffusion bag sampling, particularly for long-term monitoring. No hard copies are available

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Userís Guide for Polyethylene-Based Passive Diffusion Bag Samplers to Obtain Volatile Organic Compound Concentrations in Wells Part 1 (complete) and Part 2 through Section B (NOTE: 2.1 MB) Part 2 Section C through end (NOTE: 4.1 MB) A jointly developed protocol for determining when, where, and how to use diffusion samplers for groundwater sampling. No hard copies are available

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