ITRC’s Internet-based Training Courses Customer Quotes

Here is what our customers say about this no-cost resource:

Internet simulcast training: best thing since sliced bread . Thanks for offering an easy way to receive training without leaving the office or spending money. Good content, practical advice. I will do this again!

-- Washington State Regulator

This is very cost effective training for interested stakeholders. This has opened new horizon of Problem Solving Approach.

-- Community Stakeholder

I really, really appreciate the format!   With budget restrictions everywhere it's encouraging to know there's a way to get current and practical information.

-- Louisiana State Regulator

Thank you for this valuable training.   I can put it to use immediately .

-- Participant from U.S. Army

I felt this training course was excellent ...well designed, and the instructors were quite knowledgeable of the subject. The graphics and illustrations were also excellent…Thanks for an informative 2 hours!

-- Nebraska State Regulator

I appreciated not needing to travel... very efficient for me. Your participants/instructors had a valuable exchange of information.

-- Environmental Consultant

Many thanks to everyone for this course.   This is a great way to learn - much better than sitting in a classroom!

-- Participant from U.S. EPA, Region 4

Great format for continuing education... all the benefits without the cost .   

-- Environmental Consultant

Wonderfully done, very professional, and timely structured .

-- Community Stakeholder

Thank you for your excellent presentation !   I am a new recruit, and I really appreciate all the available courses and information that ITRC provides. …

-- Nevada State Regulator

This training gave me an excellent basic overview with enough specifics that would direct me where to go for more in-depth information.

-- Pennsylvania State Regulator

Thank you for the insight and vast experience that the presenters provided. …

-- Environmental Consultant

Instructors' credentials and experience were very impressive

-- Participant from U.S. Air Force

Thanks for a great training.   It made me aware of what I need to look for when reviewing performance at my DNAPL site.

-- Washington State Regulator

I appreciate the opportunity to participate.   This has been valuable to my day to day experiences.

-- Participant from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Excellent presentation - should be good tool for raising awareness and acceptance of these techniques by regulators and industry

-- Environmental Consultant

ITRC provides great training - I took the "Historical Docs Review" course, and I'm using the material now as we investigate our site. Thanks!

-- Participant from U.S. Navy

Thanks, this webminar provided useful information that I can use as a foundation and reference to research further information.

-- Environmental Consultant

Great job with the guidance documents and training.   They will be valuable resources for many practitioners.

-- Site Owner

...This was a very effective venue for us to provide information to numerous people with a minimal interruption of their work processes.
-- Oregon State Regulator

Thank you.   The opportunity to participate in these presentations is a tremendous service .

-- Technology Vendor

I really appreciate this type of training.   The convenience is top notch - I don't have to leave the office.

-- Participant from U.S. Air Force

I like the ease of access to the training course that is formatted well and informative . Keep it up. Thank You

-- Pennsylvania State Regulator

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